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Common Health Problems

Back Pain, Neck Pain
Accidents and Injuries
Autoimmune Diseases
Thyroid Disorders
Crohn’s disease/ Ulcerative Colitis
Hormone balancing
Weight loss
Leaky gut
Mood disorders

Inflammation and Your Health Online Webinar

9th of December at 18:30

Dominica G.Google Review

What an absolutely wonderful experience and treatment. I am someone who needs consistent chiropractic care and I was nervous coming from Australia to find a new practitioner, only to be greeted by not only a lovely receptionist but an Aussie chiro. Meg, was kind, patient and thorough. I cannot recommend this practice any higher. Do yourself a favour 😊

Janis V.Google Review

A Chiropractor visit should be a must have visit if you are dealing with muscle pain or tension in your body.
Only wished my GP would have recommended this, before I decided myself to go and make a visit. Dr. Paige is very professional and on my first visit was she able to give an adjustments where I could actually feel an improvement in my neck pain. I have had 4 visits since and can see the long term neck pain is slowly vanishing. Highly recommended practice.


Take control of your health and understand that common does not mean normal.
Chronic health conditions are at an all-time high. Despite medical advancements, we are sicker than ever. Something needs to change.

Come where you will be heard. Where you will be supported. Come where you will be guided back to your best health, The Wellness Way.

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